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The World Treats Different Tastes Of Chinese Ceramics

Oct 20, 2017

German evaluation of Chinese ceramics is very high. In the daily porcelain, coffee with wine with a good sales, most of the German consumers like the elegant color; art porcelain generally like bright and elegant, high artistic, like the shape of small animals; all kinds of porcelain like slender Flat belly bottle. At present part of the intellectual class, keen on the original art porcelain, so antique porcelain better sell. Germany is very limited to the amount of lead dissolution, like underglaze color. Merchants suggested that the color pattern on the more engage in some oriental colors, such as good porcelain figures, sales can increase.

British art ceramic demand is strong

Britain is the older producer of ceramics in Europe, ceramics are more commonly used in the UK. Britain in addition to their large number of export ceramics, but also a large number of imported ceramics. British ceramic market, most of the 18, 21 tea sets occupied, a small part of the teapot, cup and the like. China's production of ceramic products in the British market reputation, consumers of my products, porcelain white, sleek, rich patterns of oriental national character is quite appreciated. China's 18 tea sets in the UK has been a household name, because the package is fully suitable for the universal family of four. British imports of ceramic lead content limit. I have some ceramic products, "spots", substandard quality requirements in the packaging and decoration has been improved, but still not as good as other countries products. In addition to imports of art porcelain in the UK, but also imports a large number of US {TodayHot} ceramics, such as enterprises in this area to develop new products, is very promising.