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Introduction To Industrial Ceramics

Oct 20, 2017

Refers to the ceramic products used in various industries. Also divided into the following six aspects:

(1), building a sanitary ceramics: such as brick, drain, tile, wall tiles, sanitary ware, etc .;

(2), chemical ceramics: for a variety of chemical industry, acid-resistant containers, pipes, towers, pumps, valves and boring reaction pot acid brick,

(3), chemical porcelain: porcelain crucible for chemical laboratory, evaporative dish, burning boat, research and so on;

(4), electric porcelain: for the power industry high and low voltage transmission line insulators. Motor casing, pillar insulation, low voltage electrical and lighting insulators, as well as telecommunications insulators, radio insulators, etc .;

(5), refractories: refractory materials for a variety of high temperature industrial furnaces;

(6), special ceramics: rejection in a variety of modern industry and science and technology of special ceramic products, high alumina oxygen porcelain, magnesia porcelain, titanium magnesite porcelain, zircon stone porcelain, As well as magnetic porcelain, cermet and so on