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Industrial Ceramics Industry Development Momentum To The Better

Oct 20, 2017

Statistics show that the real estate market turning point, a number of urban housing prices have declined, real estate control policy effect appears. This year will still not relax the regulation of the real estate industry, most cities will continue to implement the purchase policy. Experts said that although the impact of the real estate structure adjustment, the ceramic industry in 2014 the development situation is still good, but the first half may be more difficult, industrial ceramics enterprises will make industry adjustments to deal with market changes.

In the hot days before the real estate market, ceramic companies competing to enter the real estate market, and therefore profit. But in today's high-end projects to reduce the relative reduction in demand when the ceramic enterprises in the situation is different. Large-scale ceramic enterprises and domestic well-known brands to reach a strategic cooperation, fixed relations of cooperation makes their performance this year, stable. The situation of small and medium enterprises is relatively difficult, and the reduction of orders makes these enterprises have to narrow the scale of production. Experts said that changes in the engineering market gave birth to the ceramic industry integration opportunities.