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Industrial Ceramics Industry Cluster Development Momentum Is Strong

Oct 20, 2017

Now, when it comes to Tangshan City, many people will be in the mind reflects the "industrial ceramics" four words. This has a new reputation in the north of China is the reputation of the city is relying on its advantages in resources, unswervingly develop the ceramic industry, has attracted a large number of powerful enterprises to enter the formation of the industry cluster development of good momentum, out of a To the development of resources industry, industry lead with the project to promote the development of new industrial economic development of the road. However, Tangshan Daming Ceramics Co., Ltd. is one of them, is also an indispensable enterprise

Industrial ceramics industry to scale on the level, to promote the development of industrial clusters is a must, Tangshan City, the ceramic industry project construction as the county economy to promote the development of a powerful engine, firmly establish the "big grasp project, grasp the big project" The use of industrial park this platform, to promote industrial projects to focus on the park, focus on the implementation of "industrial park file drive project." Tangshan City to kaolin resources as the basis, take the initiative to undertake the gradient of ceramic industry, by park gathered projects, to build a provincial ceramic industry demonstration base.