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How To Distinguish Between The Ceramic Glaze Color, Glaze Color And Underglaze Color?

Oct 20, 2017

Glaze color: the so-called glaze color, that is, first burned white glaze ceramic, painted on the white glaze or decal, and then into the kiln by 600 degrees Celsius to 900 degrees from the baking. Hand touch will have a sense of bulging, pattern slightly convex, easy to operate under the glaze color. But the screen brightness is poor, long after use easy to wear discoloration; process is simple, firing time is short, high yield, high labor productivity.

Glaze color: with the glaze color of the production process is the same, the firing temperature is different, that is, in the firing of white tires on the painted (decals), color burning temperature of 1060-1250 ℃, burning time of 90 -100 minutes. Glaze color that is in the high temperature burning conditions, the product glazed softening melting, so that the new particles of particles into the glaze, when the glaze closed after cooling, the color will be immersed in the glaze to make the appearance of moisturizing month, Delicate crystal, quite underglaze color effect. But also to solve the danger of ceramic lead poison.