Ceramic Teapot And Cup Set

Ceramic Teapot And Cup Set
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        Tea culture originated in China, and the ceramic teapot and cup set have become their own characteristics under the influence of different regions and cultures. The tea set uses a uniform pattern and texture or a set of patterns. The best influence should be the European ceramic tea set and the Chinese blue and white porcelain ceramic tea set.

European style Tea Set

         Ceramic Teapot and Cup Set is composed of a teapot, several cups and cup coasters.It adopts a vintage European style with flowers patterns. 

         In the Middle Ages, the European tea set was mainly spread among the nobility. It was mainly made of fancy patterns and fired using a decal process. In modern times, it is also very popular in the upper class.

Borui Ceramic ——70years Ceramic Teapot and Cup Set manufacturer and Supplier

        Ceramic Teapot is non-absorbent and burt at about 1300°C. It reflects the color of the tea. It has moderate heat transfer and heat preservation properties. It does not react chemically to tea. It can obtain good color and fragrance of tea. It is suitable for tea brewing.