Colorful Ceramic Teapots

Product Details

There are thousands different designs of decal printing for the ceramic teapot.

But for some designs, it is too hard to make the printing on whole surface of the ceramic teapot.

And we need to make the ceramic teapot color glazed.

In the market, there are many colors of the glaze, such as red, black, green, yellow, orange ect.

It’s better to choose the high-temperature glazed ceramic teapot.

The dark red glazed ceramic teapot is low-temperature color glazed. The temperature is about 200 degree centigrade. Under this temperature, it is hard to volatilize the heavy metal from the color glaze material.

In our factory, we are using dark red glaze material imported from USA which is passed FDA testing, and its healthy.

But who knows what material other factories are using ?

So, I strongly suggest you choose other colors which are high-temperature glaze ceramic teapot.

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