Colorful Ceramic Teapots

There are thousands different designs of decal printing for the ceramic teapot. But for some designs, it is too hard to make the printing on whole surface of the ceramic teapot. And we need to make the ceramic teapot color glazed. In the market, there are many colors of the glaze, such as red,...

Product Details


-The set includes a tea pot and six cups that are all made of high quality clay, which is inodorous and atoxic.

-A perfect gift item for Chinese New Year or your favorite valentine, giving it to the most important person in your life.It will be fond by those people who like the tea culture or just enjoy the tea.

-The cup is designed small that you can slowly enjoy  and appreciate the tea,rather than swallowing the tea immediately.

-A slick bottom that it can place on the table steadily without hurting the surface of the table.

-Fashionable looking and fine texture, it is trendy  and portable.

-It can withstand the high temperature and it is very convenient to clean and maintain.

-Made of high quality material, it is endurable that it can be used again and again.

-Food grade material, it is tasteless and odorless,eco-friendly that you can rest assured to use.

-Drinking tea with the ceramic teapot can keep the original flavor of the tea to the maxium and keep it warm.

-It would be a great enjoyment that drinking tea with friends at the afternoon to have a appointment,bathing in the sunlight.

-Also,custom service is procided that all the products can be finished based on your requests.