Ceramic Teapot Set

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The teapot set is mainly divided into two kinds of purple teapots and ceramic teapots. Compared with ceramic teapots, glass teapots are relatively low-end. In the early 17th century, Chinese tea was exported to European countries. Many aristocrats and gentlemen in the upper classes developed the habit of drinking tea. In the hands of many European collectors, there will be many Chinese treasure teapots, and a good teapot set will highlight the identity and taste of the host.

Ceramic teapot set:

Ceramic teapot

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To choose the ceramic teapot, you could refer to the shape and size. For the ceramic teapot shape, there are square shape, round shape, handle on the top, handle on the side, without handle, the lid inside the ceramic teapot, the lid on top of the ceramic teapot. About hundreds different shapes.

For the size of the teapot, people always check the capacity, the full capacity from 100ml to 1000ml.

Ceramic Tea Cup

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Ceramic teacups are also called ceramic teacups in ceramic tea sets, mainly to distinguish ceramic mugs that are usually said. Chinese tea culture is about products, so the design of teacups is generally small, and it is relatively short.

Of course, we can customize according to the type of the customer's requirements (the depth and shape of the cup) and the pattern.

Different Ceramic Teapot for different use.

 We also could decide the size of the ceramic tea pot by the quantity of the ceramic tea mug. For example, one ceramic teapot with 4 ceramic tea mug, then, the capacity of the ceramic teapot should meet the request of the capacity of the four mugs.

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           Self Tea Pot Set


Fashion Teapot Set


6 Cup Teapot Set


Custom Decal Printing——Borui Ceramic

In daily life, most people use ceramic tea pot with decal printing.There is about 200 thousands different decal printing designs. For exporting, most clients prefer to have their own designs. 

In the video below, we show a decal pattern customized for an Italian customer.In our factory, we could produce according to client’s design. OEM orders are welcomed.