Decals Ceramic Flower Pots

Decals Ceramic Flower Pots
Product Details

Planting some green plants at home is not only visually pleasing, but also has a great effect on purifying the air and beautifying the environment. It is especially important to choose a nice flower pot at this time. Not only the plants are decorated, but also the garden or the interior decoration environment. Our company specializes in the production of porcelain, will provide you with the perfect flower pot or other ceramic utensils, you can visit our company's website to browse, I hope you have a good shopping experience.



Beautiful Decal Flowerpots can Improve sales

For flower sellers, a beautiful flower pot can increase sales. No matter what flowers you sell, they look basically the same. At this time, it is possible to attract customers with a nice flower pot. Some customers like fashionable flower pots, some customers prefer plain flower pots, and a suitable flower pot can keep customers' eyes for the first time.

Custom Paint Decal and shape In Borui Ceramic

Decal Printing in Ceramic

Printed ceramic decals, usually dark first, light after printing. The key to the ink used is the pigment, most of which uses metal oxides and a few sulfides and selenides. For example, yellow is oxygen lead, strontium oxide and cadmium sulfide, blue is cobalt blue, white is titanium dioxide, bright red is made of aluminum oxide, rose and purple are tin oxide, green is nickel oxide, and gray ink is nickel oxide. , brown black with copper oxide, etc., these are high hardness inorganic pigments, therefore, their particle fineness has become a key in the application process.

Custom Shape and Color

You can customize solid color pots or you can request decals. So the styles can be customized. Our designers can also recommend some solutions for you, of course, based on your aesthetic perspective on the local market.


Item Name

decal painted ceramic flower pots

Pot ColorWhite , black , blue, red and so on
Raw MaterialCeramic
TechnologyMolding, glazing, embossed, hollow out, hand painted
UsageHome and garden decoration, Promotional gift
PackagingUsually,PP bag individually  into 3 layers box or 5 layers cartons; Or customized Gift Box,Mail box,Shrink box,Display box...
flower Pot StypeHome Or Garden Type
Payment termT/T, L/C..
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flower pot , photo frame ect.