Color Glazed Ceramic Flower Pot

Product Details

In our factory, we have about 800different shapes of ceramic flower pot.

Most of them are color glazed ceramic flower pot.

In china, there are many factories producing color glazed ceramic flower pot.

But in some area, the main material of clay factory using, is too soft to avoid the water leaking.

In our factory, we are using high density clay and best glaze material. There is nothing worried about the water leaking.

All our color glazed ceramic flower pot are perfect in quality.

Professional buyers prefer our ceramic flower pot more than other factories.

Now, in our factory, we producing self-watering ceramic flower pot in many colors.

Our ceramic flower pot has double walls, there is a plastic inside pot, more waters will be stored in the space between ceramic flower pot and the plastic inside pot.

What’s more, when you leave for a travel or business trip, you needn’t worry about your followers. The waters stored in the pot will water your flowers by itself.

This design could save many days life of all the flowers in the ceramic pot.