Chinese Ceramic Pots For Plants

Chinese Ceramic Pots For Plants
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The kind of pot is widely used in indowsill and office table decorationm,perfect gifts for weddings,birthdays and festivals.Because the main component of the material used for making ceramic pots is ceramic clay, it will not produce harmful substances to flowers under the long-term sun irradiation, but will be conducive to the growth of flowers and good ventilation. If plastic pots are used, the situation will be very bad. After a long period of sun exposure, the plastic pots will produce substances harmful to the plant, and it is easy to sunburn the pots and the surface pattern of the pots will degenerate.

1) High strength

2) Light weight, eco-friendly

3) Durable, anti-ageing

4) Smart self-watering function

5) Easy installation, easy maintenance

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1. Each piece is fired at a temperature above 1360 degrees Celsius to achieve fine porcelain quality.
2. The porcelain has a fine texture and the glaze is bright and transparent.
3. The design is simple and generous, and environmentally friendly.
4. Sturdy craftsmanship, comfortable grip.
5. The cup is glazed smooth and the handle of the cup is spacious.
6. Flat bottom cup, stable placement, use assured.


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Chinese Ceramic Pots For Plants

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