Ceramic Flower Pot with Decal Printing

Product Details

People not only décor their home by flowers, but also décor the flowers itself.

Then what about the ceramic flower pot ?

Surely, the ceramic flower pot are also be decorated.

People could decorate the ceramic flower pot by hand painting, drawing, or put a sticker on the ceramic flower pot.

The most popular way is decal printing.

When we produce the ceramic flower pot, we will put decal paper on the ceramic pot, and then heat the decal paper by about 600 degree centigrade. In this way, the decal printing will be transferred on the pot forever.

Decal printing on the ceramic flower pot will never fade.

Any decal designs are available.

We could produce the printing layout according to your design artworks.

So, let’s décor your home by ceramic flower pot, and then décor the ceramic flower pot by decal printing.