Promotional Ceramic Mugs

Product Details

Promotional ceramic mugs are one of the most popular promotional items used by many companies, especially in the beverage company. Promotional mugs are one of the promotional items that must be purchased every year. Because promotional mugs is one kind of the most practical items in our daily items, people may not need to buy some ceramic mug for daily use,but people never refuse gift which is so beauty artist ceramic mug,so they are very popular with consumers. I think there are promotional ceramic mugs in every family. 

Promotional mugs with logo can not only greatly improve their business, but also deepen into our lives to promote the image of the company. When people drink, people will see all the advisement printings.  This is why the promotional ceramic mugs are so popular.

Promotion Ceramic With Logo

Such mugs are often ordered by many large companies such as Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and many more. These companies are not only looking at sales, but also consumers' perception of the brand, so they have very high requirements for the quality of each mug. All the craftsmanship must be perfect because it involves The image of the company's brand, even if it is just a promotional item.

Promotion Ceramic With Event

This kind of mug is more customized by companies with special events, such as the company's anniversary, company listing commemoration and so on. This kind of promotional mug is often given to customers as a gift to deepen the customer's impression of the company or increase the company's reputation, because ceramic mugs are indeed an indispensable part of our lives.

Borui Ceramic ——China Professional Promotional Ceramic mug Factory

In our factory, we produce so many promotional ceramic mugs for so many big companies.

We cooperated with Wal-mart, Disney, Hello Kitty, Coca-cola,  maintaining a year-round supply agreement. We also provide service for small companies which need promotional mug.All those company could print their logo, their advertisement, or other designs on the mugs.