Logo Printed Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Logo Printed Ceramic Coffee Mugs
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Logo Printed Ceramic Coffee Mugs

As a company's promotional materials and souvenirs, logo-printed ceramic mugs are increasingly favored by many companies. Many companies print the company's logo and the company's special anniversary or special events on the mug, as a company gift or promotional item to the customer, so that customers will remember it all the time.

In fact, logo-printed mugs are not only exclusive to the company. Major events or city logos have become the mainstream of logo mug customization. Customers will customize logo mugs such as the 2018 Russia World Cup according to current popular needs. The city logo mugs in Rome, Italy, these mugs are very popular among consumers in a certain period of time, is a rare souvenir, especially the limited edition mug is a precious collection in the hands of collectors.

The success of the Starbucks logo Mug

When it comes to logo printed ceramic mugs, the first thing we might think of is the Starbucks coffee Mup. Perhaps Starbucks left us with not only its delicious coffee, but also the coffee cup with the Starbucks logo. 


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Special mention here is the Starbucks City Coffee Cup, a unique Starbucks commemorative collection sold at Starbucks coffee shops around the world. This mug first appeared in 1994 and has achieved great success. Today, thousands of city cups have appeared worldwide, and some city cups have reached $1,000.

Logo printed Ceramic Mug Quality Assurance

As a ceramics manufacturer with nearly 70 years of experience, Borui Ceramics has customized logo mugs for many large companies. We have a wealth of preparation experience



Company Cooperation:walmart、hello kitty and starbuck and so on

Ceramic material:Environment friednly  safe and non-toxic, thick design, durable

Ergonomic design :The mouth of the cup is smooth The ergonomic design of the handle makes it unique and comfortable. It fits the curve of the hand and is comfortable to hold.Simple design style, beautiful appearance, easy to use, home essential accessory

Saftey glaze :High-quality glaze layer, health and non-toxic, small water absorption, effective resistance to bacteria, water vapor, harmful substances, thus ensuring absolute health