Logo Ceramic Mugs

Product Details

Logo ceramic mugs has a great variety in shapes, sizes, and colors.

We just need your idea or design works, then we could produce sample for your confirmation.

Produce sample needs about 7 to 10 days.

1. We need to produce gypsum mould for the mugs, this will cost about 5 days . Because the gypsum mould must be dried.

2. Meanwhile, we need to produce decal printing layout and print the decal paper.

3. When the gypsum mould is ready, then we produce the ceramic mugs. We will put the ceramic mug body into furnace to dry it.

4. After the ceramic mug is dried, we will put the decal paper on the surface and then put it into decal printing furnace. Under about 600 degree centigrade, the decal printing will stay on the surface of the ceramic mug forever. 

It never fade.