Logo Ceramic Mugs

Logo ceramic mugs has a great variety in shapes, sizes, and colors. We just need your idea or design works, then we could produce sample for your confirmation. Produce sample needs about 7 to 10 days. 1. We need to produce gypsum mould for the mugs, this will cost about 5 days . Because the...

Product Details


-Ceramic mugs are  have always been a favorite at events and marketing which are widely used by children who break items made of glass which can be harmful to them but ceramic are non breakable and are allowed to children to use it. Ceramic cups add an elegant beauty to the food kept on the dish or being served on the dish,which have a soft and smooth texture which enables the people to use it easily as there is no chance of breaking or cracking to the items.

-These mugs not just a daily necessities, but are often used by commercial companies for commercial purposes which can greatly enhance the popularity of the company and recognize your team, employee or a friend. Some companies will print the company logo on it as a promotional gift for the company. For example, Coca-Cola's mugs are often seen, and some companies will print important events on them as souvenirs for sale to tourists.   

-Perfect as party favors for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and weddings. They also make excellent customer or employee giveaways for any occasion, and are perfect for use at restaurants, hotels and cafes.

-Smooth handle with a hole which is convenient to put the spoon that you can move it anywhere as you like.

-Made of high quality ceramic, it is non-toxic,odorless that it is healthy to the human body, durable,fashionable and easy to clean.

-Specialized in its DIY that you can  design the pattern and logo by yourself.