Christmas Color Changing Mugs

Christmas Color Changing Mugs
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Legend has it that on the evening of December 24th, a mysterious man will fly in the sky by nine sleds pulled by reindeer, enter the house from the chimney from house to house, and then secretly put the gift in the socks of the children’s bed. Or piled under the Christmas tree by the fireplace. At other times of the year, he was busy making gifts and supervising the children's behavior.

Of course, this is just a legend. Parents and friends are the real Santa Claus. But the annual gift may be the most troublesome thing for parents. Gifts must be novel and creative, so that they can be loved by children.

Merry Christmas Gift

Ceramic color changing Mugs and glass color changing cups are divided into thermal discoloration and cold discoloration, and discoloration in water. When the temperature of thermal discoloration is above 40 °C, the color changes. When the temperature of the cold color changing cup is below 20 °C, the color changes, and the water discolors. It is not yet popular.  

We put a common pattern on the outer wall. When the water gets hot, the cup will show a Christmas theme. This is really a very creative gift.

Custom Chirstmas Patterns and Logo

As a merchant, you can also customize the color changing cup as a Christmas gift to customers or consumers. We can hide the company logo and Christmas greetings in the cup. When the customer uses the color-changing cup to drink water or coffee on Christmas Eve, the font will appear. This kind of surprise will leave a very deep impression on the customer.