Ceramic Mug Gift Sets

Ceramic Mug Gift Sets
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As a practical tool for daily life, ceramic mug is often used as a gift for relatives and friends. For some important customers of the company, cermic mug often sends mugs as gifts to customers. It is not only practical, but also the person who receives the gift will use the gift to bring it to himself every time he uses the mug. Moved and happy.

Custom Ceramic Mug Packaging

 As a gift, you must have a good gift wrap. Our ceramic mug gift sets, in addition to mug, can be customized according to your needs, whether carton packaging or handbags, or small cards, can be customized according to your design. We have a long-term cooperation in packaging products suppliers, both in terms of quality and price, will make you satisfied

Custom ceramic materials and styles

Ceramic mugs have ordinary reinforced porcelain cups, bone china mugs and stone porcelain mugs. For important friends or guests, it is recommended to choose the latter two. The high-end and generous mugs made of this material are very suitable as gifts.

For the style, we have thousands of molds for you to choose from, you can also customize according to your requirements, and you can customize the surface pattern according to your requirements.

Borui Ceramic ——Over 70 Years Ceramic Manufacturer

We have 70 years of experience in the production of ceramics. The products are full of color and light, with a classic atmosphere and delicate touch. At present, the products are sold well in hundreds of countries and regions, and have been well received by people of all countries.

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