Ceramic Mug Gift Sets

Ceramic Mug Gift Sets
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*As a practical tool for daily life, ceramic mug is often used as a gift for relatives and friends. For some important customers of the company, they  often send mugs as gifts to customers to promote the emotional communication and step up the publicity. It is not only practical, but also usefu to the person who receives the gift feel  moved and happy.

*It is perfect to drink tea for its exquiaite and cute look.

*It is professionally printed with vibrant color detail and sublimated onto the mugs which will not crack, peel or wash away. 

*It will be a wonderful bridge gift, sister gift or best friend gift, coffee lovers, and just people who appreciate comfort. 

*Also, it is perfect to be used as family cup with wonderful memory.Imagine the occasion that every drinks with the same cup with different color,which will greatly contribute to make closer relations,creating a warm atmosphere.

*Generally,it consists of six cups which has a  goos meaning that everything goes smooth.

*Glossy and smooth, it has stable base and firm constructure.

*It is well packaged that every mug is in its place.

*It  can be customized according to your needs, whether carton packaging or handbags, or small cards.

*With good quality,it can be used for a long period.