Solid Color Ceramic Mugs

Solid Color Ceramic Mugs
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The solid color ceramic mug is also called full color ceramic mug, generally refers to the non-white ceramic mug, which is divided into pure solid color of inner and outer wall and pure solid color of outer wall. Pure solid color mugs are very popular among European and American customers because of their beautiful colors and simple and simple colors.

It is made of high-quality porcelain clay, treated with high temperature, strong in heat, and environmentally friendly.With a handle, it is portable  that you can move it freely.

A nice addition and an absorbing attaction to the kitchen, office or diner room that you can enjoy the brain refreshing tea in the office, juice in the afternoon tea, milk in insomnia and other essential good partners .

It  can keep coffee hot longer and provide a nice drinking experience.

Simple shape with colorful colors, and they are full of vitality. Their material quality is thick, solid and secure, and they are comfortable for the sense of touch, durable, and easy to clean.

The biggest problem in the customization of solid ceramic mugs is the shaping of the colors. Because any color requires countless experiments, from temperature to recipe, any error in the link will distort the color of the solid color mug.

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