Solid Color Ceramic Mugs

Solid Color Ceramic Mugs
Product Details

The solid color ceramic mug is also called full color ceramic mug, generally refers to the non-white ceramic mug, which is divided into pure solid color of inner and outer wall and pure solid color of outer wall. Pure solid color mugs are very popular among European and American customers because of their beautiful colors and simple and simple colors.

The biggest problem in the customization of solid ceramic mugs is the shaping of the colors. Because any color requires countless experiments, from temperature to recipe, any error in the link will distort the color of the solid color mug.

timg (4)_副本.jpg Green Ceramic Mug
timg (4)_副本1.jpg

Yellow Ceramic Mug

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Blue Ceramic Mug

Solid Color Mug Ordering Process

1. Mug Type selection

Custom mugs first choose a suitable model. If you haven't decided which type to use, Borui Ceramics has thousands of custom-made ceramic molds for you to choose from.

2. Custom color determination

Borui Ceramics has produced thousands of types of mugs, which can be said to be experienced in color matching. As mentioned earlier, the modulation of color is the biggest problem of solid color mugs. It takes a long time for the inexperienced factory to face a new color. The temperature and color difference need a little bit of mediation. For Borui Ceramics, which has 70 years of production experience, this is not a difficult thing. We have mastered the very sophisticated color matching technology. A simple red can also customize a variety of different effects for you.

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