Red Ceramic Mug

Red Ceramic Mug
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  In recent years, with the popularity of Chinese red, more and more foreign customers are slowly enjoying this color, whether it is from the choice of clothing to the choice of daily necessities, especially the red mug, the sales abroad. It is also a straight climb。From Starbucks to Coca-Cola, you will customize red ceramic mugs for yourself.

Red is the favorite color of the Chinese nation. It even becomes a Chinese cultural totem and spiritual conversion, representing joy, excitement and peace. The history of the Chinese people in modern times is a red history, bearing the memory of too many red people.


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Red Ceramic mug Adventure

       If you are drinking coffee or water, it is recommended to choose a white wall with a white wall and a red mug on the outside. If it is a collection or an ornament, you can choose a mug with red inside and outside.

       Chinese red can only be fired at low temperature,Therefore, the ceramic water absorption rate of the inner wall is relatively high, which causes coffee or tea stains to be adsorbed on the inner wall. And long time

Custom Red Ceramic Service

      If the customer wants, we can customize the logo or customer selection pattern on the red mug. Of course, we can also only provide red mugs.

If you haven't thought about what type of machine to use, there are thousands of molds for you to choose from.