Color Changing Ceramic Mug

Have you watched the movie named Avatar ? Here we share the magic color changing mug printed of Avatar. After you poured the hot water in the mugs, then the printing will come out.

Product Details


-Considering how most people wake up cranky in the early hours this amazing mug will help start off the day in a quirky and playful way.

-The perfect gift for those who struggle in the morning and a great gift idea for a coffee or tea lover, packed in a durable gift box and guaranteed to arrive safely.

-The material used is a heat sensitive material, high temperature resistant to 320 ° C, non-toxic, lead-free, and chromium-free. The heat-sensitive material of the color-changing cup is completely isolated in the inner layer of the cup, and does not come into contact with the beverage in the cup, and does not cause pollution. It is completely a confined space, and the heat-sensitive material can't run out, so it is very safety.

-Made of high-quality creative ceramic, it is superior to environment-friendly without any smell and special effect of discoloration. Take it now to enjoy the tea with a smooth texture, which will not scratch your mouth.

-It  is mainly composed of a coaxially disposed outer cup and an inner cup. A sandwich cavity filled with a thermochromic volatile liquid is disposed between the bottom ends of the two cups, and the outer side wall of the inner cup is engraved with The art graphic channel through the layer cavity. After the drinking cup is poured into the hot water, the heat-sensitive liquid in the interlayer cavity will change color and rise in the inner cup pattern channel, so that the wall of the cup shows an artistic pattern, which makes people enjoy the beauty and artistic enjoyment.

-When the water is cold, the cup is the ordinary black ceramic cup; If the water is hot, the cup will change to white slowly and then appear the picture.