Personalised Ceramic Travel Mug

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As ceramic travel mugs are becoming more and more popular, the market for personalized ceramic mugs is gradually maturing. Starbucks' personalized city ceramic coffee mugs have become a favorite collection for travellers. There are also many companies that customize the Logo Mark Travel Cup for their own promotions, many merchants sell custom mugs for major events, and many individuals print travel photos on the mugs to make this moment a timeless.

More and more ceramic travel mug manufacturers can provide customized ceramic mug customization services for their customers, from custom-made to glazed printing. The custom ceramic travel mugs produced by Borui Ceramics, which is a professional ceramic mugs factory, have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

Travel Mug Type Customization

Typical ceramic travel mugs range in volume from 150 ml to 300 ml, and some custom-made beer mugs exceed 500 ml. The handles of the mugs also have large rings, small rings and even split rings. and of course the anti-scalding silicone sleeve design can be based on customer requirementsThe mug designer can provide you with more professional advice according to your specific application.

I believe that you already have chosen the colors of the silicon sleeve that you like.

Now, let's to decide the logo and other designs you prefer to print on the ceramic travel mugs.

Mug Surface customization

The surface of the mug can be designed as an animal, a plant, a star or many individual ideas. The area for decal printing on the ceramic travel mugs is about 3.5cm at top part of the ceramic travel mug.

You could also print your logo on the bottom of the ceramic travel mug.The diameter of the ceramic travel mug is about 5.5cm




Borui Ceramic Travel Mug,Color Work and life

When you feel little tired, when you feel little sleepy, just have a break and enjoy a cup of drink, it could be coffee, juice, tea, or even just one cup of hot water.  When you see our color full mugs, when you read our perfect designs, you will be more comfortable.

Enjoy your work and life.

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