Personalised Ceramic Travel Mug

Product Details

I believe that you already have chosen the colors of the silicon belt that you like.

Now, let's to decide the logo and other designs you prefer to print on the ceramic travel mugs.

The area for decal printing on the ceramic travel mugs is about 3.5cm at top part of the ceramic travel mug.

You could also print your logo on the bottom of the ceramic travel mug.

The diameter of the ceramic travel mug is about 5.5cm

When you feel little tired, when you feel little sleepy, just have a break and enjoy a cup of drink, it could be coffee, juice, tea, or even just one cup of hot water.

When you see our color full mugs, when you read our perfect designs, you will be more comfortable.

Enjoy your work and life.

Buy our healthy, colorful ceramic travel mugs.

Please contact us by email or call us.

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Each ceramic travel mug packed into one gift box

You could print on the gift box.

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