No Handle Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug With Lid

No Handle Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug With Lid
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No Handle Ceramic Coffee Travel Mug with Lid

Ceramics are made of clay as the main raw material and a variety of natural minerals that have been crushed, mixed, shaped, and calcined, as well as various products. The general name of pottery and porcelain. The traditional concept of ceramics refers to all artificial industrial products made of inorganic non-metallic minerals such as clay. It includes various products made by mixing, shaping, and calcining clay or a clay-containing mixture. From the roughest earthenware to the finest fine pottery and porcelain belong to its scope. 


1. Large advertisement area: freely printed with advertise words

2. Broader mobility: more flexible mobile advertising carriers in everyday life!

3. Use more people: Suitable for any field, the crowd use the applicable gifts!

4. It has good thermal stability and has the property of not easy to burst when subjected to rapid quench changes with a certain temperature difference.

5. The glazed surface is bright and delicate. It is easy to scour after being stained. It has very few pores and low water absorption. After sealing the mouth tightly, it can prevent the water from evaporating.

6. The product is lead-free cadmium, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe to use.

7. As a corporate promotional item or giveaway, the cup can be printed logo, telephone, address, related product pictures and other information!