ceramic travel mugs with silicone lid

Product Details

A lot of people like ceramic starbucks travel mugs, and they buy starbucks travel mugs to keep a memory. Because Starbucks mugs are designed with feature for different cities and each city have their own designs printed on the ceramic starbucks mugs. Most travelers like to put the starbucks mugs in their cars.

Travel Ceramic Mug Adventure

For starbucks ceramic travel mugs, there are two layers of ceramic walls to avoid the high temperature of hot coffee or hot water. However, the cup is bulky, and the Mug cost is high, and it has a good collection value, but the practicality on the road is not very good.

Based on the needs of users, Borui Ceramics has developed a single-layer thermal ceramic cup with a silicone grip and a silicone lid.  The mug body is fired from a single layer of ceramic, and the cup itself is very light. The silicone sleeve fits perfectly on the surface of the ceramic mug and provides a good thermal insulation effect.

Secondly, we add the food-safe silicon or plastic lids, and the sealing between the silicone cover and the ceramic mug is good, which can not only maintain the heat preservation effect, but also avoid the coffee or water spilling over, we add the food-safe silicon or plastic lids.

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Personalized Design On The Mug

However, more and more persons prefer to have their own designs printed on the ceramic mugs instead of the logo like starbucks. We have tens colors for your reference. All silicon cover and lids are made with food-safe material.

Please email us or call us for detailed specifications.

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Custom Packaging

Unit packing, one piece per gift box.

You could change the color of the gift box, as well as you could print something on the gift box

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