Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Silicone Sleeve

Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Silicone Sleeve
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Production Feature:

For coffee people who like coffee very much, a cup of coffee on the trip is the best reward for themselves. On the road we can't enjoy the delicious coffee as if we were sitting in our own home. The choice of coffee cups has become a knowledge we must understand.

Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Silicone Sleeve is a new type of fashionable cup. Once it is available, it is popular with young consumers and fashion crowds for its healthy and environment-friendly positioning.

It is comfortable to handle, has a light body, a cup is spacious, and the inner wall is smooth. Clean, bright appearance, highlighting fashion personality. Cup mouth is spacious and the inner wall is smooth and easy to clean.

Ceramic Coffee mug Choose

High temperature fired ceramic mug

A ceramic cup fired at a high temperature refers to a ceramic cup fired at 1200 degrees Celsius, which has a water absorption rate of less than 0.2%. Cleaning the coffee cup can be a cumbersome task during the trip. The medium-low temperature fired ceramic cup has a high water absorption rate, which causes the coffee to deposit on the wall of the cup and is difficult to clean. Long-term use may also cause glaze peeling and water leakage.

Mug is more suitable for coffee

The volume of the mug itself is relatively large and the cup is long. The bumps in our long journey will make coffee splash on us. The large volume of the mug allows us to enjoy the wonderful moments that coffee brings us more calmly.

Silicone sleeve ceramic mug makes travel more comfortable

It is well known that ceramic mugs have good thermal conductivity. And we like to have a cup of hot coffee. Not like in a cafe during the trip, we can use the handle to pick up the coffee cup. The double-layer insulated ceramic cup is too heavy in the process of travel. Therefore, designers have thought of using silicone sleeves to solve the problem of ceramic heat conduction. Silicone has good thermal insulation, so that we can enjoy the temperature of coffee during the journey.

Custom made Service

Custom made travel mug for Wholesaler

After years of market research and customization, Borui Ceramics has accumulated hundreds of styles of travel coffee mugs, and our designers are also happy to customize your own styles. Of course, if you already have a good choice, we can also accept customization.

Custom made travel mug for Company customer

You can customize patterns, Printing company logos or ad slogan on it and give it as gifts or use them in promotions. I believe that our travel mugs will bring good luck to your company.

Custom Material for special usage

Ceramic materials include enamel, high-temperature white porcelain, magnesia reinforced porcelain, and bone china. Customers can choose their own cup materials and styles, or we can recommend styles for customers based on the customer's cup usage.

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