Ceramic Travel Coffee Mugs With Silicone Lid

Ceramic Travel Coffee Mugs With Silicone Lid
Product Details

The mug body is made of high-quality bone china, fired at a high temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius, with fine porcelain and bright white color. It is environment friendly and healthy, and is the first choice for leisure life at home.

It is easy to wash and keep clean. The glazed surface is bright and delicate, and stains are easy to wash after use.

The product has good thermal stability, slow heat transfer and low water absorption. It is suitable for dishwashers and microwave ovens.

Cup body is wrapped silicone anti-slip mat, user-friendly design, ergonomic, not easy to slide off, but also avoid burns

The lid of the cup is made of edible silicone material and has a socket for inserting straws.

Cup can be printed on a variety of logo and advertising language! Clear printing!

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