Ceramic Tea Mug with Lid

Ceramic Tea Mug is made of high white mud and high white glaze. It is fired at a high temperature of over 1300 degrees. It has a delicate touch feeling. It is produced by multi-channel manual processes and is the best choice for meeting, office and home tea cups.

Product Details


Tea culture is a traditional Chinese culture and has been sought after by people all over the world this year. Ceramic cups must be used for tea. The reason is that ceramics have good thermal insulation capacities and stable ceramic glaze, which will not cause chemical reaction between tea and ceramics, thus maximally retaining the aroma of tea itself.

The ceramic mug is different from the Kung Fu teacup. His cup is deep, and it is made of high white mud and high white glaze by firing at a high temperature of 1300 degrees. It has little water absorption and has a very delicate touch. It is  often used in formal occasions such as conference rooms, offices, etc. Of course, custom-made ceramic teacups are used for collectibles and souvenirs.

The  cup will be equipped with a ceramic  cover, which will play the role of heat preservation and dust prevention on the one hand, and ensure the aroma of the tea itself as much as possible on the other hand.

It is  generally made of Chinese landscape paintings or patterns. Not only practical, it is but beautiful.

Elegant appearance,excellent performance, it is endurable and convenoent.What's more, it is easy to clean.

We can also design some cartoon designs for you or make custom logo ceramic teacups according to customers' requirements.