Ceramic Tea Mug with Filter

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Product Details

It is the special ceramic tea mug just for drinking tea. The choice of tea mugs is the preferred ceramic. Ceramic itself has good heat resistance and low water absorption, and has a good heat preservation function, so it has always been the first choice for tea cups.

Main Feature:

It  is  a cup with a ceramic filter and a ceramic lid. The filter can effectively separate the tea leaves and water. We have all kinds of ceramic tea mug with filter.Those mugs could be color glazed, or you could design your own decal printing on the mugs.

1. Tea Mug Material

This tea mug uses Zibo's special ceramic clay. Zibo is a famous hometown of ceramics in China, and it is famous for its ceramics produced in Jingdezhen. Zibo ceramic clay is mostly made of bone china, which is very heavy and very thick.

2. Production Process

This ceramic tea cup is made of clay at a high temperature of 1300 °C,which  can reduce the water absorption rate of the ceramic itself to avoid the residual of tea stain on the ceramic cup wall. The outer wall of the ceramic cup can be customized with a decal process.

3. Filter and Lid with Ceramic Tea Mug

The design of the tea cover allows the tea mug to be more insulative. This teacup is widely used in offices and conference rooms.Because drinking tea is different from coffee, drinking tea requires hot water soaking. The longer the soaking time, the stronger the tea. Therefore, when drinking tea, you need a tea leak, so that not only will the tea not be soaked for a long time, but also avoid the tea entering the mouth of the person while drinking tea.