White Ceramic Mug Bulk

White Ceramic Mug Bulk
Product Details

The white ceramic mug bulk is a type of mug that is ordered in large quantities by foreign ceramic cup dealers. The white ceramic cup is simple and simple, without too many modifications, and is very popular for most foreign consumers. 

For ceramic distributors or ceramic cup shop owners, the white ceramic mug can be processed twice, through thermal transfer technology or decal priting, it can be used for small custom development of small batch customers with special customization requirements. The reason for the popularity of white ceramic mug bulk.

Customized Design and Production of Mug Type

Borui Ceramics has thousands of cups available for you, including coffee cups, travel mugs, couple cups and many more. If you have better ideas and designs, we can also customize the cup mold for you.

Our recently developed no handle white ceramic mug with silicone lid has also been loved and ordered by many ceramic distributors.


White Porcerlain Mug


Coffee Porcerlain Mug


No handle Mug with lid 

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Borui Ceramics has 70 years of experience in porcelain making, including hello kitty, Disney, Nestle Coffee and many other customers. Every year, the products of our new carts in China's Canton Fair will be highly sought after. Welcome customers to come to learn more.