Color Ceramic Mug Bulk

Color Ceramic Mug Bulk
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Custom Manufacture Colorful Ceramic Mugs Bulk

When traditional white ceramic mugs meet Chinese ceramic art, we not only see material goods, but also see a spiritual product and cultural product. We presented various colors and gratitude paintings on the mugs, and the whole cup was pleasing to the eye. If you ask such a colorful mug, who can dislike it?




Borui Ceramics specializes in the production of mug mugs of various colors. It has a very rich experience in the modulation of different colors and has a good control over the changes of glaze at different temperatures. This stems from the accumulation of 70 years of porcelain experience and the practice of workers. We can produce mugs bulk of various colors for our customers.

We can customize all kinds of mugs of various colors according to your requirements. Whether it is event gifts, wholesale sales, group purchase customization, we welcome you to contact us at any time.

The origin of the mug:

I believe that all those who share coffee and tea can understand the enthusiasm and strength of the Mug.

Mug is a kind of homemade cup, generally used for milk, coffee, tea hot drinks. Some countries in the West also have the habit of drinking soup in the mug at work breaks. The cup is generally of a standard cylindrical or cylindrical shape with a handle on one side of the cup. The shape of the handle is usually a half ring. Usually made of pure porcelain, glazed porcelain, glass, etc. Household commonly used mugs can generally hold liquids ranging from 150 ml to 350 ml.