Ceramic Travel Mug Bulk

Ceramic Travel Mug Bulk
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Nowadays more and more people like ceramic travel mugs, because the ceramic cups allow him to retain the maximum aroma of coffee or tea, which is not the advantage of stainless steel mugs. Therefore, many dealers or well-known companies in the custom travel mug bulk, ceramic travel mug is definitely a preferred consideration.

Starbucks City Cup is a myth, it is collected by many people, and Starbucks City Cup has been pushed up to $1,000. But the production plant of the Starbucks City Cup is in China. Because the ceramic process is a Chinese culture, China's ceramic production has great advantages in both cost and process.

Ceramic Travel Mug Bulk In China

China is the birthplace of ceramic products and has a large number of handicrafts. Workers are very experienced in the production of ceramics, temperature control, and proficiency in decals, so the ceramic mug has a low defect rate, stable glaze, and the overall cost is very low.  

Zibo and Foshan and Jingdezhen are listed as China's three major ceramic producing areas. Unlike Jingdezhen, Zibo is mainly engaged in daily necessities ceramics, and has sufficient experience in the production of daily consumer goods such as Mug. Foshan ceramics is also very famous, but Foshan porcelain is made of dolomite. The high water absorption of porcelain makes the durability of porcelain worse. Secondly, the labor cost of Foshan is higher than that of Zibo, and the overall bulk ceramic mug procurement cost will be higher.

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