Ceramic Travel Mug Bulk

Ceramic Travel Mug Bulk
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Nowadays more and more people like ceramic travel mugs, because the ceramic cups allow him to retain the maximum aroma of coffee or tea, which is not the advantage of stainless steel mugs.Ceramic travel mug is definitely a preferred consideration for many dealers  in the market.

It is manily designed to use in travel that you can drink the hot water immediately.Also,it's fit for daily use at home ,hotel or else you want.With a lid, the  drink can be kept in the cup tightly, so that the water won't flow out.The place where you put your hands is  not smooth that you can hold it tightly.

A thermal insulating layer and a rubber pad are provided to obtain a good heat preservation effect and prevent drink from exudation.It is dishwasher-proof and perfectly recyclable.And, it is light weight, which won't be your burden during the travel.

Fashionable design with different color,it is available that personalized service can be made according to your own requests.You can put your logo on the cup to send to your employees or the customers toenhance the morale, cohesion and spontaneity and  improve the brand awareness.