Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug Bulk

Ceramic Travel Coffee Mug Bulk
Product Details

Ceramic travel Coffee mug bulk Features:

1. Safety and health materials

Ceramic Coffee Mups have become a must-have item for people to travel at home because of their safety, health and easy cleaning.

The ceramic travel mugs we produce are made of high-quality ceramic raw materials and fired at a high temperature of 1230 degrees. The glazes are made of food-grade glaze imported from Japan, and contain no harmful metal substances such as lead and cadmium. odorless. Does not fade, easy to clean.

2. Fashion Mug style

The overall shape of the cup is simple and elegant, and it is a classic hot style. The workmanship is exquisite, the inner wall is round, and the mouth of the cup is smooth and does not grind. With a variety of colors, rich patterns, comfortable handles and durable, it will bring you lots of fun and memories for your travel life!

3. Silicone cover design

The food grade silica gel used in the silicone cover is completely harmless. This design makes the mug more suitable for travel. Whether it's insulation or splash-proof design, etc.

Company Profile:

Borui Ceramics is a comprehensive company specializing in the development, design, production and sales of daily-use ceramics. The product has both practical and cultural brand connotations. Our mugs are not only ceramics, but also a way of life. The aesthetics and application of the utensils are reasonably balanced to meet all aspects of people's daily home travel devices. May these simple objects together build the coziness and beauty of your life.