Ceramic Holiday Mugs Bulk

Ceramic Holiday Mugs Bulk
Product Details

We must mention the holiday ceramic mugs we designed for the festival. In order to make people happy and lively during the festival, we will design and manufacture ceramic festival mugs belonging to certain special festivals according to the characteristics of these festivals.

Ceramic Hoilday Mug Market

Every time the festival is approaching, the demand for holiday mugs will increase dramatically. People will buy large quantities of mugs with festive patterns and greetings, and match other holiday decorations to create a festive atmosphere.

For example, Christmas, we will draw Santa Claus, pine, deer on the mug to represent the Christmas sense. The color will also be dominated by red and green. In the New Year, we will draw fireworks, New Year greetings and other patterns on the mug. In addition, we will also design a family cup to meet the needs of the whole family.




Custom holiday Ceramic Mug

We can provide customized mug service according to customers' holiday design pattern requirements, including ordinary mugs, color mugs, couple mugs, etc. We will also help customers design some festive elements to help customers make customizations as a reference.

Low cost ceramic holiday mug cost

Borui Ceramics has 70 years of experience in custom-made mugs. It has a complete ceramic enamel and applique production line. The workers have more than 30 years of production experience. The ceramics have low defect rate and good product color. Borui Ceramics has a sound management system, is responsible for the quality of each product, and controls the cost of products from every link on the basis of quality assurance. Welcome customers from all over the world to visit and purchase.