Ceramic Coffee Mug With Lid Bulk

Ceramic Coffee Mug With Lid Bulk
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Ceramic Coffee Mug with lid bulk

The ceramic mug with lid can have good thermal insulation performance and dustproof function. Now the purchase of the mug dealer has not been aimed at the ordinary mug bulk purchase. Because this design is more user-friendly and more considerate

Wooden or silicone Lid in bulk purchase

Wood lid Ceramic mug bulk

The wooden cover looks more artistic, and we will leave a small hole for the mixing spoon, which is more suitable for retail, because it is very attractive. The woods we use include surface coatings that are food grade and can be used with confidence.

However, the cost of such a mug is relatively high, and the tightness of the cup and the cover is relatively poor, and it can only play a dustproof role, and is not used for the travel mug.

Silicone Lid Ceramic mug bulk

The silicone cover's mug looks more simple. The silicone is made of a food-grade silicone cover, and the cup is also tightly sealed, making it ideal for travel mugs. It is a very good choice for customers with high practicality.

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Ceramic Mug Bulk Custom Manufacture

Of course, if you have better ideas, we can do it for you. Customization of more styles and lid materials is also acceptable. We have a wealth of experience in the mass production and customization of mugs. From the treatment of the lid, we can make ceramic cup lids, silicone lids, wooden lids and more. Cup body we can customize a variety of cups with handle and no handle, surface treatment we can use decals and white porcelain, etc.