Ceramic Coffee Mug With Lid Bulk

Ceramic Coffee Mug with lid bulk The ceramic mug with lid can have good thermal insulation performance and dustproof function. Now the purchase of the mug dealer has not been aimed at the ordinary mug bulk purchase. Because this design is more user-friendly and more considerate Wooden or...

Product Details


It  can have good thermal insulation performance and dustproof function for  its user-friendly and considerate design.

Its lid is available of wood and silicone.With the wooden cover which is  food grade,it looks more artistic.The silicone cover's mug looks more simple. The silicone is made of a food-grade silicone cover, and the cup is also tightly sealed, making it ideal for travel mugs.It  plays a important role in protect the drink form the dust and the insects without a risk of beng affected. It is a very good choice for customers with high practicality.

A small hole is left for the mixing spoon so that you can find an ideal place to put the spoon, which is more suitable for retail, because it is very attractive. 

Its comprehensive design will attract many people's attention,popular among the market.

Premium quality porcelain with a sturdy handle

Beautiful and exquisite appearance,it is trendy and pretty.

Convenient to carry and clean,endurable with long life span.

It will  go without a hitch for a really long time and keep vivid color.

Great for birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasion, this is the perfect gift idea for mom, dad or your friends.

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