Ceramic Coffee Mug Bulk

Ceramic Coffee Mug Bulk
Product Details

Borui Ceramics has extensive experience in bulk coffee mugs and has produced bulk coffee mugs for large coffee companies or chain agencies such as Nestle Coffee and Starbucks. Ceramic production workers have more than 30 years of production experience, from the porcelain to the decals are very skilled

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Custom Ceramic Mug Shape Manufacture

Borui Ceramics has hundreds of coffee mug molds in the 70 years of porcelain making process, and can also customize mold development according to customer requirements. Very rich experience in controlling costs and delivery

Coffee Mug Material Quality 

The ceramic materials of the mugs are all selected from kaolin, and local clay can be selected according to the needs of customers. Coffee mugs are generally fired at 1300 degrees to ensure the moisture absorption and durability of the mug itself.

If the customer chooses a color mug, the glaze we choose is a food grade glaze imported from the United States. The glaze itself does not contain heavy metal elements such as lead and chromium, and meets FDA safety certification standards.

Coffee Mug Packaging

The packaging of the mug is also in full accordance with the requirements of the customer. We have a stable packaging material supplier for many years, saving each cost from the cost. Customers can request a single package, usually in a cardboard box or Gift box. Can also use the unified installation,Mail boxes ,Display Boxes packaging