Travel Mug Decal

Travel Mug Decal
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The travel mug decal is a cup made of ceramic that has been glazed by a ceramic decal process which can be used for secondary decoration of ceramic cups according to customer requirements, such as logo, customized patterns, etc.


-Compared to hand-painted ceramics,it has lower cost and higher efficiency.

-It is well known that the decals are made of food-grade raw materials and are fired at high temperatures for stable color that the damage to the human body is very small while the composition of colored glaze is mainly made of heavy metals such as lead and chrome as raw materials, which is harmful to the human body is still very large.Thus,it is safe and healthy that you can drink it freely.

-Experienced workers provide skillful printing, making the cups beautiful.

-Unique and creatice design,it is liked by the young girls.

-It is portable that you can move it with its handle.

-Convenient to move,carry, clean and maintain.

-Vibrant color and elegant appearance that it can keep intact for a long time.

-Custom design is available that it can be made as your requirements.

-It is widely used to drink with coffee,juice,milk and water which will make a happy time.


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