Decal Coffee Mug

Decal Coffee Mug
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     Coffee printed ceramic cup uses the glaze decal printing process, and the decal paper is printed with a high-temperature solvent-based ink. All the decals are hand-finished by a 30-year skilled ceramic decal worker. The printing cup needs to be fired in a 1350 degree kiln, and the applique is firmly attached and the color is bright.


The ceramic decal process is now widely used in the surface decoration of ceramic mugs, replacing the hand-painted and spray-painting techniques used in the past. The traditional decorative process usually contains high levels of heavy metals such as lead and chromium because of the modulation of colored glazes. The use will dissolve in water and cause harm to the human body. The inks used in the decals themselves are all food grade inks, and the attachment type is more stable than the glaze.

1. Low production cost

2, high production efficiency

3, the pattern is stable and highly adherent

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