Decal Coffee Mug

Coffee printed ceramic cup uses the glaze decal printing process, and the decal paper is printed with a high-temperature solvent-based ink. All the decals are hand-finished by a 30-year skilled ceramic decal worker. The printing cup needs to be fired in a 1350 degree kiln, and the applique is...

Product Details


As the name shows, it is mainly used to drink coffee in home,office,and shop.

With the ceramic decal process,it is green and harmless compared with the traditional decorative process usually contains high levels of heavy metals such as lead and chromium,without pollutants.

It is produced through high temperature that it is resistant to wear and  it will not fade in a short time.

Lead-free microwave and dishwasher safe,durable,easy to clean.

It is ergonomic with a handle that you will have more comfortable enjoyment. 

It touchs smooth that it won't hurt your mouth or hands as you drink the coffee.

Personalized design that you can print your photo,motto or what you want to see on the cup,which will be a surprise for your sister,mom, and friends.

Low production cost,high production efficiency.

The pattern is stable and highly adherente.

Odorless,tasteless that it can keep the favor of the drink.

Firm applique and bright color make the cup stand out of the market owing to the ceramic decal.

Various shapes,colors and sizes are reliable.

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