Coffee Mug Decal Printing

Coffee Mug Decal Printing
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It is a kind of coffee cup of decal printing,suitable and welcome for hotel,home and office.

Compared with the traditional hand-painted ceramic cups, it is safer and  non-toxic, which is the most main way of ceramic mug production.

With a handle, portable that you can easily hold it at hand.

Good quality that it can be used for a long time.

Exquisite appearance,it looks pretty and fashionable.

Smooth surface,it will bing a comfortable experience.

It can be used as  a perfect gift for friends or famliy and is ideal for coffee,tea,milk,beverage,juice,promotion gift and advertising.

With the technical decals, the flowers are very flat without bubbles in the middle. The printed portion must not have wrinkles.

The key to the process of baking decals is the temperature. The temperature is determined by the color of the decal and the material of the ceramic cup. The temperature is low and the color is not bright enough. The temperature is too high and the printed pattern will fade. Moreover, the temperature control also refers to  the bearing capacity of the glaze, and will not be damaged because the temperature is too high.

It can satisfy the customers' demands for custom patterns and can be produced in large quantities and efficiently.

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