No Handle Ceramic Coffee Mug

No Handle Ceramic Coffee Mug
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No handle ceramic coffee mug

With the adaptation of people's attitudes towards life, people began to slowly change or even subvert some of their original concepts and habits, including the traditional ceramic coffee cups. Nowadays coffee cups don't need handles anymore. Whether at home or at Starbucks coffee shops, no handle ceramic mug has slowly become a trend.

No handle Coffee Mug insulation

The reason why drinking coffee in a ceramic cup is very important is that the ceramic can keep the heat of the coffee well and keep the aroma of the coffee to the utmost. The biggest problem to be solved with no handle coffee mugs is the insulation problem. We have two solutions

Ceramic Mug With Silicone sleeve

 Silicone itself has good insulation and heat insulation, and it is a good choice to ensure the insulation of no handle porcelain coffee mug. The plasticity of silicone itself can be processed into a variety of shapes, patterns or logos can also be printed on it, and now this mug has been used and loved by many coffee shops including Starbucks. The picture below is just a few samples we have processed for our customers.

Double Wall Ceramic Coffee Mug

 This ceramic mug uses a double-walled inner wall technology with a vacuum technique that uses a vacuum to prevent heat transfer. Also used in the use of no handle coffee mug. However, there are several big problems with this kind of mug. The mug itself is heavy, not easy to carry, and is not suitable as a travel mug. Another point is that the cost of fraud is high and the process is complicated. Although the design is clever, the market acceptance is not very high.


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Borui Ceramic —— 70years Cearmic Coffee Mug Manufacturer and supplier

Borui Ceramics has been committed to the production of various ceramic daily necessities for 70 years, and has rich experience in ceramic coffee mugs. From the classic pornerlain coffee mug to no handle coffee mug, whether it is custom logo mug or custom design mug, Borui Ceramics always regards customer satisfaction as the company's tenet. We believe that our professional and reasonable price will win your satisfaction.