No Handle Ceramic Coffee Mug

No Handle Ceramic Coffee Mug
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  • With the adaptation of people's attitudes towards life, people began to slowly change or even subvert some of their original concepts and habits, including the traditional ceramic coffee cups. Nowadays coffee cups don't need handles anymore. Whether at home or at Starbucks coffee shops, no handle ceramic mug has slowly become a trend.

  • The reason why drinking coffee in a ceramic cup is very important is that the ceramic can keep the heat of the coffee well and keep the aroma of the coffee to the utmost. The biggest problem to be solved with no handle coffee mugs is the insulation problem. We have two solutions:ceramic mug with silicone sleeve and double wall ceramic coffee mug.

  • Silicone is a good choice to ensure the insulation of no handle porcelain coffee mug which can be processed into a variety of shapes and  patterns, while a double-walled inner wall technology  that uses a vacuum is in order to prevent heat transfer. 

  • With no handle but gum cover that you can hold the sup with hot water directly becaust the cover can cut down the transmission of heat.

  • Cute pattern,it is warmly welcomed by the young generations.

  • Practical and useful,made of high quality material prolong its service time.

  • Cost effective, easy to operate,safe and environmentally friendly.


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