personalized coffee mug with spoon in handle

personalized coffee mug with spoon in handle
Product Details

Ceramic mug is a daily necessities. Regardless of home or office, it has a very high frequency of use. Printing corporate LOGO or product information on the ceramic mug. It can be widely used as conference gifts, business gifts, advertising gifts, holiday gifts , and promotional gifts and celebration souvenirs, etc.. It is not only beautiful and meaningful, but also a very effective advertising method. It is very suitable for corporate image promotion and corporate product promotion.

Ceramic Mug Material:

The main raw material of ceramic mugs is mud, not rare metals, which will not waste resources, nor will it pollute our environment. The use of ceramic products fully reflects the understanding of environmental protection of our production environment. Glaze is lead-free, cadmium-free, safe and non-toxic.

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Ceramic Spoon Design:

Usually the stirring spoon of the coffee cup is made of stainless steel metal. However, the metal has good thermal conductivity and is not conducive to long-term stirring. And the metal itself is also harmful to the health of the human body.

This ceramic mug is matched with a ceramic stirring spoon. First of all, it is very harmonious from the senses. The selection of ceramic stirring spoons also makes people have a choice when choosing ceramic cups. Secondly, ceramic thermal conductivity is worse than metal, and ceramic itself is a non-toxic material, which is more beneficial to human health.

Borui Ceramic ——The choice of Disney promotional Mugs.

As the world's most famous cartoon brand, Disney can be very careful when choosing a Logo mug. From the design of the product to the inspection of the ceramic cup factory can be said to be meticulous. Borui Ceramics is located in Zibo, which is famous for its ceramics. The ceramics are made of kaolin. The ceramics produced by this clay have low water absorption and good durability. With more than 70 years of experience in porcelain making, Borui Ceramics has won the favor of Disney ceramic cups and has become the designated processing factory for Disney ceramic cups. I believe that our profession can also satisfy you.