Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Logo

Ceramic Coffee Mugs With Logo
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      Ceramic mugs are our most commonly used daily necessities, so many companies like to use logo ceramic mugs as their own image propaganda. For example, we often see Starbucks coffee cups, Coca-Cola drink cups and so on. In particular, the Starbucks City Cup has become a collector's hand.


    Coca-Cola Ceramic Mug


    Hello Kitty Ceramic Mug


      Disney Ceramic Mug

Borui Ceramic——Professional logo ceramic mug manufacturer

    Founded in 1949, Borui Ceramics is located in Zibo, the hometown of ceramics in China. It has rich experience in porcelain making and customization.

     We can customize the production of logos and custom production of cups according to customer requirements.It has served large companies such as Disney, Coca Cola and Hello Kitty.

Ceramic Mug material ——Zibo Ceramic

Zibo Ceramics is an ancient porcelain craft. Zibo is a new industrial city located in the central part of Shandong. Zibo is the capital of the ancient Qi State and one of the world-famous porcelain capitals. The glazed products and ceramic products produced here are not only well-known at home and abroad, but also have a long history. The long-established Zibo ceramics, in the production of fine art ceramics, has also developed by leaps and bounds, both in terms of shape and decoration. Like the eggshell pottery at the end of the Neolithic Age, the "Raindrop Glaze" and "Tea End Glaze" that came out in the Song Dynasty, they are still regarded as treasures by all countries.

Zibo Vs Jingdezhen Ceramics 

       Zibo Ceramics is more inclined to customize the daily necessities, because Zibo itself has a long history and experience in porcelain making. And the professional porcelain making ability also gives Zibo's own ceramic industry more advantages in custom processing. Both in terms of product quality and product price.

       Jingdezhen's ceramics are traditionally made of kaolin Clay. The ceramics produced are fine and the color is very white. Zibo's ceramics are made of clay. Most of them are made of bone china, which is very heavy and very thick. Of course, Zibo now also produces some clean and delicate products. There is also a very important difference. Jingdezhen's ceramic ornamental value is higher, it is more like crafts, and Zibo ceramics is mainly used in daily use, cups, bowls and various tableware. Of course, the price is cheaper.