Ceramic Coffee Mug with Spoon

To stir the coffee, someone prefer wooden spoon, someone prefer metal spoon while someone prefer ceramic spoon. If you choose ceramic spoon, the spoon could be same color with the ceramic mugs. Besides the coffee spoon, we must choose a professional ceramic coffee mug. Professional coffee mugs...

Product Details


-In recent years, ceramic coffee mugs and spoons have become more and more popular among young people. The smoothness of the ceramic itself, the new wave of personalized custom patterns, the greatest degree of personality and taste. The design of the ceramic coffee spoon breaks the traditional wooden and silver coffee spoon style, and it is matched with the ceramic mug, giving a refreshing feeling.Many companies buy ceramic mugs with custom logos or special dates, send them to their employees as souvenirs or as a gift to their own customers. Consumers have given ceramic mugs as a gift as a fashion.

-The ceramic cup has always been the first choice for coffee drinking with its heat resistance and heat preservation. The traditional coffee cup is a white ceramic cup with a silver coffee spoon. This kind of scene appears more in the traditional coffee shop, which shows the traditional white-collar atmosphere. But young people pursue individuality and eclecticism. The large ceramic mug replaces the traditional white coffee cup, which may also have the head of hello Kitty or Messi. The ceramic coffee spoon and the same mug make people feel more youthful and energetic.

-Unique design that you can put the spoon on the hole of the handle,reasonable use of the space.

-Smooth surface, it feels comfortable.

-Made of food grade material, it is safe,odorless and non-toxic.

-Durability,outstanding performance.

-Useful, it is widely used in daily life, such as the home, office and coffee shop.