Ceramic Coffee Mug Set

Ceramic Coffee Mug Set
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Ceramic coffee Mug set

In recent years, the ceramic coffee mug set has also been loved by more and more people. Because this series of products can meet the needs of the whole family or different moods of the day, it can be changed at any time because of people's preferences. But it also visually gives people a sense of unity and patchwork.

For example, the family coffee cup set, the father coffee mug, the mother coffee mug, the daughter coffee mug, such a suit makes people feel happy in the family. Or different coffees can also be made into different suits with different mugs, which is inevitably unappealing.

Imagine that when the whole family got together and picked up the coffee mug in their hands, the uniform style and color or pattern were different. What a warm and beautiful picture! Or, according to the mood or food, matching mugs of different colors every day will enrich the daily life.

Ceramic coffee Mug set Marketing Case

A coffee company ordered a set of coffee cups as a promotional item . Buy a range of coffee and get a special coffee mug, but each series of coffee mugs is part of a set, some are a combination of latte and father mugs, some are a combination of black coffee and mother coffee cups. Some are a combination of a coffee mate and a daughter coffee cup. People can choose coffee according to their own or friends' tastes and combine the corresponding coffee cups. But each coffee can only be combined with one coffee cup. Only by buying 3-4 kinds of coffee can the coffee cups be put together, which greatly stimulates the customer's desire to buy. This coffee company has achieved good results because of this kind of creativity.

Starbucks City Cup Set

Starbucks City Cup Set is actually a successful case of a ceramic coffee cup set. Every city has a unique coffee cup. Consumers get a cup of coffee in the city that wants another city, so Starbucks coffee cup price Higher and higher. This is the success of the coffee cup set.

Custom Ceramic Coffee Manufacturer——Borui Ceramic

We have customized the coffee cups for family suits, Disney series, and Hello kitty series for our customers. We have achieved great success. We can also customize coffee mugs according to your artwork or needs. Customize your favorite cup type, welcome to contact us!