Ceramic Coffee Cup and Saucer

Product Details

Most people have tried coffee and lots people like coffee.

Image that, when you have a break from your busy working, a ceramic cup of coffee, a newspaper, lying on a wooden chair and enjoying the comfortably sunshine. What a wonderful feeling.

But a few people knows how to enjoy coffee.

Coffee has its own coffee ceremony.

People should choose a professional coffee mug.

Only ceramic coffee mug is professional for coffee.

There is also another important thing. It's better to have a ceramic saucer for the ceramic coffee mug.

The ceramic saucer could avoid the coffee to mark on the table cloth.

And you could hold the ceramic saucer instead of the ceramic coffee mug.

Another usage of the ceramic saucer is for the sugar, you could put the sugar on the saucer for your friend. In this way, your friend could add the sugar by themselves.