Ceramic Coffee Cup and Saucer

saucer is very Practicality in coffee,so coffee cup buyer often purchase Coffee cup with saucer. Borui ceramic have very much experience in ceramic cup ,we also product the starbulk city coffee cup which is famous cup in the world. Welcome to our factory buy coffee cup and saucer with wholesale price

Product Details


As we all know, coffee cups generally use ceramic cups. This is due to the thermal and thermal properties of the ceramic. But we see a lot of cafes, whether it's from a large chain of Starbucks to a small cafe, they choose a coffee cup  with a saucer that you can hold the coffe more steadily.Also, the saucer can be used as a dish to put biscuits,sugar and the spoon,making the afternoon tea more perfect.

The set is is crafted from high quality porcelain and features neat, straight sides smooth and subtle edges.It makes a lovely housewarming gift for a special friend.

Made of high quality, it is safe and convenient ot clean.With a handle, it is portable.

Classic, yet striking enough to be a conversation piece at the table, it's easy going style will allow you to pair up easily with other colors and patterns. This set is so pretty you'll want to save it for a special occasion but it is sturdy enough to be used everyday.


1. Symbol of elegance and status

In ancient Europe, coffee was a drink that nobles could enjoy. Drinking coffee is a form of enjoyment and taste, just like wine. And the early ceramics were imported from China, the price is very expensive, a lot of coffee Cup set (with saucer)works beautifully, more like a piece of art is collected by many collectors, so the coffee cup with saucer is also a status symbol. With the development of the times, coffee is no longer exclusive to the nobility, but the habit of coffee cup with saucer has been preserved and gradually become a mainstream.

2. Saucer Practicality in coffee

The ceramic saucer could avoid the coffee to mark on the table cloth. And you could hold the ceramic saucer instead of the ceramic coffee mug. Another usage of the ceramic saucer is for the sugar, you could put the sugar on the saucer for your friend. In this way, your friend could add the sugar by themselves.

3. Ceramic is professional Coffee Cup

Single-color coffee is very particular about the quality and taste of the original beans, and the taste of the single product is closely related to the temperature. The rapid drop of temperature will make the coffee sour, and the insulation effect of porcelain is better than that of glass and metalware.

ceramic coffee cup with saucer