red ceramic dinnerware sets

red ceramic dinnerware sets
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This tableware combines practicality and style, making it ideal for everyday gifts or holiday seasons.
This set of plates, made of fine ceramics, has the appearance and functionality of an active glaze ceramic that can be washed in a dishwasher. Available in a variety of colors and designs, I hope you will find the perfect choice for your meal.

Ceramic, a variety of hard and brittle materials made by firing non-metallic minerals such as clay. The general-grade ceramics used in modern tableware are pottery and stoneware. Each grade of ceramic is characterized by the use of the clay forming the product and the kiln at the firing temperature reached to harden the product.

All products meet standards because they are related to food safety. Our products are tested independently and are completely safe for any type of food use.

Frequent exposure to a microwave oven may shorten the life of the ceramic tableware and cause the glaze to crack.