Ceramic Dish Set

There is a great variety of ceramic dish plate. Wide range of shapes including round plate, square plate, triangle plate, hexagon plate, deep shape plate and shallow plate ect. Plenty colors for ceramic plate such as green, red, blue, orange, brown, yellow, pink, white and so on. All those...

Product Details


-Complete with all the pieces you need for daily meals or hosting a few friends, and add gorgeous style to your kitchen, dining room, and home.

-Enhance your dinner, breakfast, or afternoon dessert experience with the beautiful dishware that includes all the dishes you need for hosting.

-Quality dishes that look great, remain durable, and fit with any theme.

-Round rim plates, bowls, and mugs make the perfect addition to any setting thanks to their unique style, beautiful ceramic design, and long-lasting durability.

-Their clean, simple lines and pristine blue color coordinate beautifully with other dinnerware and serving pieces, so you can mix and match them to create a wide variety of inviting table settings.

-The set offers a smooth, rounded feel to give them an elegant look and touch that your family and guests will love.

-It bings a warm and appetizing atmosphere to every meal,starting every day with a good mood.

-Excellent quality,outstanding performance,it is practical and cost effective.

-What to mention is that it is all food grade material which is lead-free,environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

-A wide range of colors are offered that you can choose the befitting color based on your real situation.