Strengthen Magnesia Ceramic Dinner Set

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-Strengthen magnesia ceramic is  also named Durable China, strength porcelain, durable porcelain, intensify porcelain,stronger in hardness, and much whiter than normal porcelain material.It is the best choice for the star-rated guesthouse, and is now designated for the Great Hall of the People and the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.

-It features high whiteness, high strength, good transmittance and high thermal stability.

-Produced under temperature of 1300 degree centigrade, this makes the material is out of any poison elements.Thus,it is intoxic,tasteless, harmless and lead free.

-It is easy to clean and maintain,duable and super white.

-Not easy to damage, this set is  suitable for mechanical washing, high temperature cooking disinfection, electric oven high temperature and microwave heating and other modern lifestyle.

-With a long lifespan, it is classic and fashionable that it won't be out of date for a long time.

-It consists of all kinds of shapes and sizes that it can provided  on the basis of your demands,including the design and pattern.