Glazed Ceramic Dinner Set

Product Details

Ceramic dinner set was considered as the food safe dinner set.

But lots report pointed out that the lead and cadmium is over the food-safe standards. And it’s danger for healthy.

What’s wrong with those bad ceramic dinner set ?

Technically speaking, two reasons, the first reason is the material is not good. Secondly, the temperature is too lower.

All the material used in our factory are tested in laboratory for all the batches.

And the temperature of our furnace is about 1300 degree centigrade.

All heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium will be volatilized under 1300 degree centigrade.

The glaze material must be in good quality, and the temperature should also be no lower than 1300 degree centigrade.

All the products produced in our factory could pass CIQ testing, FDA testing, and we could provide client food safe certificate.