Decal Printing Strengthen Magnesia Ceramic Dinner Set

Product Details

Strengthen magnesia ceramic dinner set is a better choice for daily using.

In the market, most strengthen magnesia ceramic dinner set are with decal printing.

Here I will say something about how to choose the strengthen magnesia ceramic dinner set.

1. Check the outside looking. There should be no black spot, not glaze slag, no flown mark, no pin hole, and what’s more, the shape should be non-deformed.

2. Check the Barcode sticker, there maybe instruction of the elements. No heaven metal included.

3. Check the quality of the decal printing. No broken of the decal printing, and the color of the decal printing should be shinning unless the design is matt design. Check the fastness of the decal printing. The color printing shouldn’t be fade after you scratch by your finger nail.

If you buy a whole dinner set, please count the quantity of each item.