Personalized Ceramic Cat Bowl

Personalized Ceramic Cat Bowl
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Personalized Ceramic Cat Food Water Bowl

-The ceramic cat bowl  is widely used to store food or water for cats so that you can freely go out for a day without worrying that the cat is hungry and thirsty.It greatly help to take care of the pet.

-It uses a good medium-temperature earthen clay. It has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, no lead and cadmium, no chemical reactions with food, and is safe to cats. 

-It is heavy and not easy to slid that won't spilt the food all over the place that you can clean quickly and easily.

-This would make a great gift for your favorite pet to enjoy all year round.

-Smooth surface, glossy, it is eaay to clean and wash.

-Cost effective and durable in normal situation.

-Wear-resistant, not easy to fade,simple design,firm structure.

-Cute appearance will attract the attention of cat lovers that they may buy one as a gift to please the cat.

-Noramlly,it has two sizes:16.8*6.3cm,14*5.5cm(D*H).But if you need, we can provide personalized service for you to make the suitable bowl for your cat according to the real growth and condition.Also,you can print your cat's name on the bowl in order to distinguish with others.