Ceramic Dog Bowl

If you just feed your dog with delicious food, you would ignore his feelings. Your dog also wants a wonderful ceramic dog bowl. There many kinds dog bowl, but plastic bowl is not good for health and it’s easy to be bite by your dog. What’s more, it’s too light in weight. Your dog maybe throw it...

Product Details


Ceramics Bowl are an ancient Chinese craft that is made from clay and fired at high fire. A good ceramic bowl is more than just a utensil. It is a piece of art because it is very malleable and can be customized according to customer requirements.

For pet dogs, we may have a choice of dog bowls, such as stainless steel and plastics, as well as many new materials. But the ceramic bowl has his irreplaceable advantages and characteristics.

Ceramic Vs Stainless steel Vs plastic for Dog Bowl

Stainless steel is mainly an alloy steel composed of heavy metal chromium and nickel and ordinary carbon steel. Pet dogs like to communicate with their own sweet food, which may cause heavy metal poisoning for a long time.

Dogs often like to grind their teeth, leaving teeth and grooves on the plastic bowl for a long time, which is very easy to breed bacteria, which will cause great problems for the health of dogs.

The ceramic dog bowl is made of traditional ceramics. The glaze is stable and will not cause the glaze to fall off due to the long squatting of the dog. This is why ceramic tableware is very popular, not just his appearance.

From the appearance, the ceramic dog bowl has a smooth surface, a rich pattern and a three-dimensional shape, and the shape and appearance of the glazed pattern can be customized according to requirements. Compared to plastic and stainless steel, the appearance is slightly single.

In terms of performance, stainless steel and plastic bowls will rust and become old during long-term use. However, after a long time of use, the ceramic bowl will be like a new bowl as long as it is cleaned.With the rise of the pet market, the ceramic pet dog bowl slowly entered the people's field of vision. Ceramic products have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, easy to clean, long use time, etc., and have been favored by many customers.